Our honeymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong

For a couple of travelers there comes a moment in life where the knots come back to the roost , where the trolleys return to the basements, the travel toothbrushes hide in the drawers, where in short the airplanes stop, taxis stop and is reflected: marriage . But above all the honeymoon .

The honeymoon is the mother of all wars for the couple as a traveler . Why? Because we move on the thin thread of desires and needs, along the steep edge of what we have always wanted to do ( great dreams! ) And never dared to ask and what can realistically be done ( money! ) And ask for leave.

To the two of us, I must say, it went well. We have both put together the classic 15-day marriage permit and quite a few days off. In a few words we managed to plan a nice tour , that is: our honeymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong!

I (Gaia) wanted to go to Australia, because I was convinced of the theory “ when does it happen to us that we have all these days of vacation together? “. Stefano instead wanted to go to Hawaii. How did I make him change his mind? I thought of introducing some alternative elements to the very classic honeymoon in Australia (which is obviously the most popular option for Italian couples). Since there are no direct flights to Australia, I proposed to take advantage of the need to call at some Asian cities . On the scale plate I put four possible options: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong. Stefano chose the last two, and that’s how ours was bornhoneymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

On the way we stopped for three days in Singapore and on the way back a four-day stopover in Hong Kong. In the middle of Australia. A perfect honeymoon, at least for us!

Our idea is to write a first post with the itinerary (this one), and then to address the individual goals in detail. In short, for now, here are all the fundamental “technical” information for dealing with a hypothetical halfway between Asia and Oceania!

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