Advantages of Holiday Apartments over Hotels

A holiday traveller is often hard to put when it comes to choosing from amongst the plethora of hotels, resorts, and holiday apartments. Holiday apartments or sometimes termed as self-catering apartments or villa have become increasingly popular with tourists.

The attractive things offered by holiday apartments over hotel stay include:

Cost-effective option

Great value for money is gained by visitors opting for holiday apartments. This is truer when holiday travel includes a family or a large group of people. Hotels, as a rule, charge per head which is not the case with holiday apartments.

The fully-loaded holiday apartments also allow group travellers to shop and cook their meals. Savings are gained when meals are self-catered rather than ordered from a hotel’s restaurant or room service.

Eating out can cut a huge chunk of the budget. The fully-equipped kitchens of holiday apartments avoid the cost of eating out all the time while on vacation.

Get a better chance to understand the local culture

Mingling with the locals is an opportunity provided by staying with holiday apartments. A better understanding of the local culture of a visited place is achieved when shopping for food or spontaneous participation in local festivities and activities. Stocking up on groceries or food supply allows travellers booked in holiday apartments the chance to absorb local colour as well as put to practice language skills. This is a vacation experience not likely to be enjoyed when staying at hotels.

Bigger space

Bigger space to accommodate a vacationing family allows them to relax after a hectic day of fun and activities. The large spaces provided by holiday apartments include a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Two-room apartments are also available upon request.

Having your own private space allows the family to indulge in their own set of activities without disturbing other guests. Mom and dad are provided their private space when children are tucked safely in a separate room.

A swimming pool is often an amenity offered by holiday apartments. This allows the family to experience a refreshing and invigorating swim at any time of the day.

Enjoy your own timetable

The chance of having breakfast cooked for you is luxurious service hotels provide to its guests. However, hotels follow a strict timetable which means that guests are expected to avail of free breakfasts at a set time.

Holiday apartments, on the other hand, allow guests to eat their free breakfasts at any time of the day. Enjoying a lie-in and eating breakfast at your chosen time is more luxurious.

Room service with holiday apartments follows the timetable of their guests. This means that guests can wake up at any time of the day without someone from room service knocking on your door to clean the apartment.

The private space enjoyed by the various guests staying in holiday apartments allows them to come home late without disturbing other guests. This is a top benefit hotel rooms are unlikely to provide.

More meal flexibility

Opting for a holiday apartment allow the family more meal flexibility. Stocking up on favourite snacks and food and preparing familiar meals is achieved when staying in a holiday apartment during a vacation.

Families or large group travels become fun, exciting, and enjoyable when holiday apartments become the chosen place to stay while on vacation.

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