Things to consider when buying lanyards

If you are holding a corporate event you can not undermine the importance of customizable lanyards. Lanyards can be customized in a variety of colors and designs and a great way of promoting your brand image.

Before you go about purchasing lanyards you should consider the purpose of why you are purchasing them. If those for a corporate event or to be distributed among the delegates at a conference, you need to choose ones which are comfortable to wear and should have an attachment which would be suitable for the ID.

On the other hand if there is a trade fair you have got to attend you may want your employees to wear lanyards, which would help promote the activities of your company or business.

Before you buy lanyards in bulk you should give importance to knowing about your audience and who would be wearing it and for what purpose. Keeping these things in mind would help you make the right choice.

Types of lanyards

There are different varieties of land yards which are easily available. These comprise of the following kind:

  •  If the lanyards are for a corporate event, you should buy quality polyester for double thickness lanyards. These are very comfortable to be worn throughout the day and have a graceful and classy look about them. The satin finish of these lanyards, allow you to emboss the name and logo of your company in a way that it would actually stand out in a crowd.
  • On the other hand budget is an issue you may still get lanyards which are somewhat thinner but still perfect for attaching cards, USB drives or IDs. While this may not has the sophisticated look of the double embossed lanyards but they still serve their purpose.
  • Ribbed or woven lanyards. This is also a good budget friendly option and can allow you to print the name of your company or logo on to it. Select the attachments which would be either made from plastic or metal to customize it. If you are worried about night safety and visibility you can even add a luminous strip onto the lanyard.
  • Eco-friendly lanyards. These are made from recycled materials yet at the same time are comfortable to wear and can be printed well on either sides. These are ideal if you are worried about the carbon footprint.
  • Polyester and nylon lanyards. These are the most common types a promotional lanyards. These too can be customized in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Opaque lanyards. These work well for everyday events and are generally made from vinyl plastic.
  • Reflective lanyards are great for using at safety focused seminars. These can be seen in the dark and can be useful in deflecting potentially dangerous situations.

Last but not the least you must also consider the safety clip attachment for your lanyards. You have the choice of choosing between plastic or metal attachments. Using metal attachments would be heavier and therefore give it a more professional look. It all depends upon your own personal choice.

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