5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Whale Watching In Australia

The whale season is here! What does this mean? You have to grab your shades, your hats and get ready for one of the most different experiences. This is your one chance of seeing nature from a different angle. You don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons why you should believe us:

A Whole Range Of Bays In Australia

Australia is one of those blessed countries where you have an excessive number of bays for whale watching brunswick heads. More so, these bays have been specially designed for the purpose of whale watching. You can find food, and other accessories to enjoy this experience at your best. It is not about just watching whales but you also get to enjoy the beautiful golden sunset.

Closer To Whales

What if you can touch a whale? Doesn’t it sound exciting? There are times that you might get lucky and touch a whale. They are gentle giants who are looking forward to your attention. They are as amazed to see you as you are amazed to see them. You have one thing in common with whales which is you both are curious.

The Best Way To Spend a Sunny Day

Most of the bays have cruises. You can start your day by hitting the sea and seeing the splendid coastlines. You get to breathe the sea air which again is very different from what you have been doing daily. It is relaxing in so many ways. You might see some other sea creatures which you would never even imagined seeing. However be careful, do not get close to everything.

Respect For Nature

Deep down inside, we all are attracted to nature. But our busy schedules don’t let us participate more. When you experience nature after a long time, you start respecting it more. You thank God for giving you the opportunity for blessing you with such a peaceful experience. This gratitude makes you humble which affects your daily life in so many ways. In short, whale watching has long term effects.

Easy and Affordable

This brain provoking experience is not that expensive in Australia. Why so? There are so many bays to provide the different cruises for whale watching that you might find something which can fit in your budget. More so, these cruises will take you to hour-long trips and cover food and beverages. There are different packages available. You can pick the one which fits your schedule and your family.
There are so many services to tourists in Australia that it has become one of the most visited places. However, there are times this destination can become expensive. You can take the help of a travel consultant in this regard.

From Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation: visit the rainforest in Australia

Queensland is a region (immense!) In the north-east of Australia. In front there is the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef – seasickness a thousand to visit it, but this is another story. In the region the most important city is Cairns, on the coast, where we have been for a few days and where I have broken through with avocados (typical product). In fact, the climate here is decidedly tropical . And Gaia and I discovered what “rainforest” means . From Cairns it is easy to make excursions to the north, in the heart of the wet vegetation, following an extraordinary stretch of coast, reaching up to Cape Tribulation. An itinerary inside the Daintree National Park among rare animals, ferocious beasts, so much humidity and glimpses of breathtaking ocean , Cape Tribulation and the Australian rainforest are two “things” of Australia not to be missed.


Our idea was to wander around, trudging softly from beach to beach , sleeping on the sand, counting crocodiles (safe on a slow barge), in short, taking a slow trip  into the forest and enjoying everything calmly – unlike the rest of our honeymoon . This is why we left Cairns – a true city, a port born for the miners in the 1800s – to sleep in Port Douglas . A small holiday village, further north, about 70 kilometers.

From this pleasant town, also rich in cafes, pubs and family entertainment, you can easily enter the Daintree National Park, a nature reserve famous for its biodiversity and for being one of the oldest tropical vegetation areas on the planet. It is the kingdom of mangrove, crocodile, fern and palm.


Before entering with our car (for hire) inside the park, however, we decided for a small tour of the Daintree River, in search of the crocodiles . From Port Douglas follow the signs for the Ferry Crossing , a river crossing on a barge that will let you really enter the park. Nearby there are several companies that take travelers on the river with boats. Gaia and I took a one-hour “cruise”. Enjoyable. Rich in scientific information . But above all rich in animals: crocodiles everywhere! But also pythons and snakes, river birds, magpies, herons. Crocodiles are revered and feared by Australians. Feared because they eat everything from farm animals to kangaroos, especially  wallabies  (the little ones and cuddly ones). Christians also seem to eat and there are danger signs scattered all over the river. In fact they are marine and prehistoric monsters, some even over three meters .

Our honeymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong

For a couple of travelers there comes a moment in life where the knots come back to the roost , where the trolleys return to the basements, the travel toothbrushes hide in the drawers, where in short the airplanes stop, taxis stop and is reflected: marriage . But above all the honeymoon .

The honeymoon is the mother of all wars for the couple as a traveler . Why? Because we move on the thin thread of desires and needs, along the steep edge of what we have always wanted to do ( great dreams! ) And never dared to ask and what can realistically be done ( money! ) And ask for leave.

To the two of us, I must say, it went well. We have both put together the classic 15-day marriage permit and quite a few days off. In a few words we managed to plan a nice tour , that is: our honeymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong!

I (Gaia) wanted to go to Australia, because I was convinced of the theory “ when does it happen to us that we have all these days of vacation together? “. Stefano instead wanted to go to Hawaii. How did I make him change his mind? I thought of introducing some alternative elements to the very classic honeymoon in Australia (which is obviously the most popular option for Italian couples). Since there are no direct flights to Australia, I proposed to take advantage of the need to call at some Asian cities . On the scale plate I put four possible options: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong. Stefano chose the last two, and that’s how ours was bornhoneymoon between Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

On the way we stopped for three days in Singapore and on the way back a four-day stopover in Hong Kong. In the middle of Australia. A perfect honeymoon, at least for us!

Our idea is to write a first post with the itinerary (this one), and then to address the individual goals in detail. In short, for now, here are all the fundamental “technical” information for dealing with a hypothetical halfway between Asia and Oceania!